The Actigage Event App Builder (CMS) is the web-based content management system that you will use to build your app. This includes setting up event details, configuring the layout of your app, and managing content.

Below is a brief introduction to the CMS tabs:

Setup - Add basic information such as your event name, event period, app store details, configure the colour scheme of your app, and upload your event app icon and logo. Ratings for event sessions and speakers is also enabled here.

Layout - Configure the modules to be included in your app, select the module type, arrange the modules, and select the module icons. You also decide when to publish the modules.

Content - Add and edit content for each module, such as the event agenda, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Test - The Test tab allows you to test the Event app before publishing the app and making payment.  You will be able to view your event app content, and changes that you make on the CMS will be reflected on the event app immediately.

Publish - The Publish tab allows you to publish your event after making payment.  If you wish to change the type of plan, select your desired plan and make payment.  The type of plan will be updated in Setup tab as well.

To learn more about the various features of the CMS, please view the videos here.

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