There are 7 different types of modules that you may add to your event app.  These modules type are Messaging, 1:1 Meetings, Menu, URL, Web View, Featured, Attendees and Floor Plan.  

In this example, we will demonstrate how to add a Web View module to your event app.  The same steps applies for adding the Messaging, 1:1 Meetings, Menu, URL, Featured, Attendees and Floor Plan modules.

  1. At the Layout tab, click 'Add New Feature', followed by 'Web View'.

2. Enter the Feature Name and select the Feature Icon.

3. Select the Publish Date and Unpublish Date.  These fields are optional and can be left blank.  You can choose to publish the module after you have added it to your event app menu.

4. Click 'Add Menu'.

Note: The Messaging module is only available on the Pro and the Premium plan, so if you're on a Standard Plan, click on the upgrade button to upgrade to the Pro or the Premium Plan.

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