The Exhibitors module allows you to display the list of organisations or companies exhibiting at your event.

Adding a new Exhibitor:

1.At the Content tab, select 'Exhibitors' on the event app menu, followed by the 'Edit' icon of the selected Exhibitor.

2.Fill in Name and upload Exhibitor Image.  Category, Booth Number, Profile, Website, Contact Number, Email, Address, and Country are optional.

3. When all information has been added, click 'Add Exhibitor'.

Below is an example of the Exhibitors module on the event mobile app:

We support two Exhibitor layout types - Default and Simple. Below examples show both types.

You can change the type of Exhibitor layout from the settings menu under the setup tab.
For more details on how to change these settings, please read the support article here.

Note: Exhibitors will be organised alphabetically in your event app by default. But you can change the sort order manually if required.

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