You may need to add the attendee feature if you want users to login to the app for features like Messaging, and Meetings (Coming soon) or if you want participants to see who else are coming for your event.

For an overview of the Attendees module, please view the video below:

To add attendees to your event app, go to "Layout tab", click "Add New Feature" and select "Attendees" feature .

Now, add "Attendees" feature details such as name, icon etc. and toggle publish status button and click "Add Menu" button to save.

Please note that by default "Attendees" feature's status is set as draft and won't appear in the app until and unless status is changed as publish.

You can change the "Attendees" feature's position by selecting button as highlighted below and dragging it to desired position.

Now go to "Content" tab, select "Attendees" menu from the left pane and click "ADD ATTENDEE" button to add Event attendee details.

Add attendee details such as Name, Email, Company etc. and click the "Update Attendee" button to save attendee details.

Please note that the email address that you add while adding attendee details will be used by attendees to log in to your Event app.

In case you want to add attendee for testing purpose, toggle "Tester" button while updating attendee details.

Attendees which are marked as tester will not appear to normal attendees in your Event app and will appear to only to other testers.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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