Before we begin, let us first try and understand why it’s important to increase event app downloads.  One of the very first reasons why you want to have more app downloads is that you’ve spent some bucks on your app and you would like to gain more insights on your event attendees through engagement features such as Q&A, session ratings, speaker ratings, and live feedback.  An event app provides a plethora of deep insights on events attendees, which can be very beneficial for event organisers to make their events more successful and provide more for their event attendees.  But to have these insights you would need a number of app users and thus it is important to have more app downloads.

Before the event

1. Make your app part of the registration

Most of the time, event registration is understood as just collecting attendee information and payment.  That is not wrong.  But…it’s also a perfect opportunity for event organisers to introduce the event app to the registrants/attendees.

For example, you can add a few sentences in the registration page and let registrants/attendees know that there will be no paper handouts.  The brochures, schedule, and guides are digitised and can be accessed through the app.  The most important thing is for the users to understand the benefits and features of the app.  Once they understand it, they will download the event app.

2. Sharing App link

Now that you’ve created some awareness for your event app through the registration platform, you’ll need to give the users more details about where they can download the App.  For example, it can be through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or simply via a link through the browser.

How do you do that?  We make it easy by providing a landing page for attendees to download the event app.  We also provide a QR code through which the attendees can easily download the app.  However, this is not effective until and unless the organiser communicates the benefits of using the app.

3. A link in the email signature

According to various traffic reports, email is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to drive traffic to your event and app links. You can use your Event app logo with the app link in the email signature.

During the event

4. App Link and QR code in Welcome/Registration Brochure

Incorporate the event app download links and QR codes in the brochure, and not to forget, mention that the event agenda and a real-time notifications will be updated via the app.  The event app will have the most up-to-date information that will be relevant to the event attendees.

5. Promote the app during opening remarks

Opening remarks can also be one of the crucial points where you can attract your attendees and grab their attention.  You should definitely not miss this opportunity to share the app with the event attendees.

This might feel a bit redundant, but remember many of the event attendees will likely miss your first few attempts to connect, particularly those who are late and rush to your event.  The more they’re exposed to your app the more it will feel like an overarching piece of the event experience — and the more likely they are to download it.

6. Promotion Techniques

This is the 21st century and innovation is thriving everywhere and in marketing as well. One of the more innovative techniques used these days is the use of interactive bots to promote app downloads. This a very effective method to increase app downloads.

7. Q&A with the speakers and panellists through the app

Our Event apps are well-equipped with Live Q&A feature which attendees can use to ask questions during sessions.  Q&A can also be used for discussions between speakers and fellow event attendees. 

Other Methods

8. App Store Optimisation:

App store optimisation is a crucial steps in driving app downloads.  While app store rankings depend on metadata — such as keywords, description, ratings, and reviews — there’s more to app store Optimisation than that.  You also need to consider how keywords rank in the event app category.  The event description also plays a major role in the visibility of the app, and would affect download rates.

9. Social Media Engagement

Maintaining a strong online presence can be an effective way to expand your reach and introduce your app to new customers.  Your target audience, however, will spend time on one platform over another, so paying attention to your user demographics is crucial.  Promoting the Event app along with event promotion may get you extra downloads.

10. Influencer and community outreach

If you’re unable to reach your target audience, influencers can do the magic. Reviews from recognised experts not only bring more exposure to your event app but also influence more people to attend your event.  By researching the right influencers for your Event, you can establish a beneficial partnership that will build your brand and boost the reach for your product.

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