Here are the recommended dimensions to make your app look great.

1. App Icon

Dimensions: 1024×1024 pixels
Format: PNG, no transparency, no borders and no rounded corners.

The app icon will be displayed on the Home screen of the device after it has been installed. It will also be displayed in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Event logo

Dimensions: 620×160 pixels
Format: PNG (transparent background)

The event logo will be displayed at the top and aligned in the center, just above the navigation bar.

3. Splash screen

The Splash screen will be displayed when the app is launched for the first time. 

  • iPad: 2048x2732 pixels (padding of 121 pixels on both sides), JPG or PNG
  • iPhone: 1242x2208 pixels (padding of 121 pixels on both sides), JPG or PNG

4. Speaker and Attendee profile pics

 (Actigage container app events as well as Branded apps):

  • Speaker profile pics : Dimensions: 400×400 pixels
                                         Format: PNG Is the preferred format
  • Attendee profile pics : Dimensions: 300×300 pixels
                                          Format: PNG Is the preferred format

 5. Floor plan

Dimensions: 800 pixels width, height not fixed
Format: JPEG or PNG.

You can upload the floor plan of the venue and exhibition hall.  The booth number in the Exhibitors and Sponsors module can be integrated with the floor plan.  You may upload multiple floor plans.

6. Company logo

Dimensions: 560×300 pixels
Format: PNG

7. Featured Image

Dimensions: 900×1400 pixels, padding of 80 pixels on both sides.
Format: PNG is the preferred format


  • You can also provide a title (30 characters max) and short description (50 characters max) for each Featured item which will be displayed over a transparent overlay. 
  • Link to the agenda, various pages within the app or an external URL.

The Featured tab allows you to highlight important sessions, keynotes and activities at the event with full-screen banner images. You can have multiple featured items, which will be displayed as a slideshow. 

8. Session Banner Image

Dimensions: 828×500 pixels.
Format: PNG is the preferred format

You can change the background of the session card on the Programme/Agenda tab. .

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to reach out to us.

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