Once payment has been made, you are now ready to launch your event.

Your event attendees may access the event by following these steps:

Step 1: Downloading the Actigage Events App

The Actigage Events app may be downloaded either via the landing page or the QR code.

To access landing page, please click on the button below:

How it works:

When a user clicks on the landing page link on an iOS or Android device, and taps 'Get the App' button on the landing page, it will automatically redirect the user to the Actigage Events app product page on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, depending on the user’s device.

If a user clicks on the landing page on a desktop, they will have to enter their mobile number to receive an SMS which will provide the links to download the app.

Alternatively, your event attendees may download the Actigage Events app via the QR code.

To download the QR code, click on the button below:

Step 2: Enter Event Code

After the event attendees enters the event code for your event, they will be able to access the event content.

You may view the number of times the event code has been used by event attendees in the event app builder dashboard.

Note: You may change the event code in the Events Details menu in the Setup tab.

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