if you want users to login to the app for features like Messaging, and 1:1 Meetings, or if you want event attendees to see who else are coming for your event, you may need to add the attendee feature.

The Messaging feature allows you to exchange direct messages with fellow event attendees, directly within the event app.  There'll be no need to exchange contact details.

To access the Messaging feature, you will first need to set up your profile.

To set up your profile, at the Profile menu, click Log In and sign up with your registered email address.

You may wish to edit your profile details after logging in.  To do so, simply click Edit Profile and update your details accordingly.

To begin exchanging messages, you will first need to connect with fellow event attendees.  You may send a Connect request at the Attendees tab.

After a connect request has been sent, you will see the request being reflected as pending at the attendee's profile.  In the My Network tab, you will also be able to view the requests you have sent and received.

Once a connection has been made, you are ready to begin exchanging messages.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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