In this article, we will show you how you can replace the paper-based program books, event guides, flyers, schedules maps and menus with the content rich features available in our mobile Event app platform.

Custom Branding

An important aspect before you can get started to port the content is to be able to customize the Event app to match your event or corporate branding.

Actigage’s Event App Platform allows you to change every aspect of the app such as the primary color, secondary color, and Event logo to ensure that your app is unique and matches the branding of your event, conference, exhibition or festival.

You can also change the layout of your Event app by changing the order of the menus. You can also change the icons of the menus from a rich selection of icons.


Learn how to customize your Event app by changing the primary color, secondary color and upload the event logo using Actigage App Builder, our Content Management System (CMS).


You can publish the schedule/agenda/programme for your event, exhibition, conference or festival using the Agenda feature. It allows you to not only add session information such as the date, time, title and the details of the session, but you can also assign the speakers, panelists or moderators who will be speaking at the session. So an attendee can not only get information about the session, but they can also check out the profile of the speakers, panelists and moderators by tapping on their profile.


If you are organizing a large event which has smaller events or workshops going on parallelly then you can use the Tracks feature to group sessions into a logical group to make it easier for attendees to discover sessions based on their interests. You can also add colors for the tracks so it is very easy for the attendee to see the sessions for their tracks.

The attendee can also add a session to their schedule to create a personalized agenda for the event based on their interests and goals. The personalized schedule is also integrated with the native Calendar app in iOS and Android so an attendee can see the sessions they are planning to attend right within the Calendar app along with the rest of their appointments for the day.


We also offer a unique feature, where you can add a background image for a session to provide a more beautiful and contextual look to a session card as you can see in the screenshots above.

Learn how to add sessions in your Event app and assign them to tracks if required.

Sponsors & Exhibitors

You can add Sponsors, Exhibitors or Partners using our Exhibitors and Sponsors features that allows you to add information such as the name of the company that is sponsoring, exhibiting or partnering at the event, the booth number, the company’s profile and contact information. You have the option to either link to a company’s profile page or the company’s website.

You can also use Categories to give your premium sponsors the visibility they deserve by having them at the top of the list. In the case of sponsors, the companies are displayed as a list under their respective categories.


In the case of Exhibitors, the companies can be grouped into appropriate categories so it is easier for an attendee to locate companies based on their interests. The companies are displayed under their respective tabs in the Exhibitor feature so it is easier for an attendee to browse through the list of companies present at the event based on their interests or geographies.


The other cool feature is the interactive Floor plan feature that enables you to integrate the booth number in the Sponsors and Exhibitors module with the floor plan, so when a user taps on the booth number in the Exhibitor or Sponsor details page, it redirects the attendee to the floor plan with a pin drop on the booth number to help an attendee figure out where exactly the company is located at the Exhibitor floor.

Learn how to add Sponsors, Exhibitors, create and assign Categories, and integrate with the floor plan.

Speakers & Attendees

You can also add information about speakers and attendees in the mobile app. As mentioned earlier, you can also link speakers to a session so you can see all the sessions that a speaker may be participating either as a speaker, panelist or moderator. Meanwhile, attendees can find people that match their interests and use the opportunity to network with them.


Learn how to add Speakers, assign them to sessions and also how to add Attendees/Participants.

Contact Us/Venue/How to Get Here/Tours

In addition to structured information such as the schedule, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors that we have covered above, you can use the Web View feature to add any kind of text and HTML content to provide delegates with contact or venue information and how to easily get to the venue. The Web View feature with the help of the WYSIWYG editor has been used by event organizers to add different types of important such as Contact Us, Venue information, How to Get there, Guided tours, travel & accommodation, sharing of documents, and lots more.

You can also use the Web URL feature if you would like to link to the Venue or Hotel’s website. The Web URL is also a very useful feature if you want to integrate a web service within the web app. The web service will be loaded within the event app so it offers a seamless experience to an attendee.

Learn how to add a Web View or add a Web URL in your Event app to any type of text or HTML content in your Event app.

Event Highlights

In addition to these content rich features, we also offer a unique feature called Event Highlights that allows you to add full-screen banner images on the Home screen of the Event app that can be used to highlight your keynote speakers, keynote sessions or a sponsored activity to drive engagement. You can also add a title and short description for each banner which are overlaid over the banner image.


You can add multiple featured items, which are shown as a cover flow on the Home screen so that an attendee does not miss the most important activities on that day at an event.

Learn how to add Event Highlights and Sponsored content using the Featured module.

Content Management System Makes it Very Easy

All the information that we have mentioned above can be easily added and updated using our popular Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to change the information on the fly. So unlike a printed programme guide where you cannot make any changes after it has been printed, the cool thing about the Event app is that you can make changes at the last minute so you can easily handle situations such as a speaker being unable to make it because he or she has fallen sick.

Our customers rave about our CMS as it is very easy to use and allows you to change every aspect about the look and feel. We offer free demos to our customers for the CMS but it is so easy to use that most times they figure out how to use it without needing any training.

You can also use the CMS to communicate with attendees in real time, by sending Push Notifications to attendees, which is an extremely popular feature.

You can also watch the 2-min video to get a quick overview of how easy it is to create your Event app with Actigage’s platform.


In addition to the content rich features of Actigage’s Event app platform that helps you replace the paper-based programme book, our Event app also helps you energize engagement and generate additional revenues at your events.

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