One of the main drawing factors for event attendees to go to events is to network with others that are in the same industry, and to establish links and meet up with one another.  With that in mind, the 1:1 Meetings feature was launched to easily allow event attendees to meet up with fellow attendees at the event.

Event attendees may schedule meetings, and send private messages to fellow attendees, direct from within the app.  The 1:1 Meetings feature is also integrated with the Messaging feature to make it seamless and intuitive for event attendees with scheduled meetings to interact and coordinate with each other before the meeting.

To get started with the 1:1 Meetings feature, you will first have to add the Meeting module as well as add your event attendees in the Attendees module.

Once your event attendees have set up their attendee profile, they will be able to set up meetings with fellow event attendees.

To begin setting up meetings, log in at the Profile menu.

After logging in, go to the Meetings feature.  You will be able to view the Attendee list. Select an Attendee to view their profile.

Tap on the Meeting icon at the attendee's profile, followed by the Schedule Meeting button.  You will be able to select the attendee's available time slots.

Once a time slot has been selected, you may include a message to the attendee before sending the meeting invite.

An attendee will be able to view all their received meeting invites in the Meetings tab, and will be able to Decline or Accept the invite.

Once a meeting invite has been accepted, the attendee who received the meeting invite will be able to reply the meeting sender.

Both attendees will also receive an automated message on the meeting time and location, and will also have the option to cancel the meeting.

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