Here are all the features that you can use to increase attendee engagement at your event with a mobile Event app using Actigage Event app Platform’s live engagement features:


Networking is the top priority for people attending events. However, people especially in Asia are shy and are usually hesitant in approaching someone and introducing themselves. The other issue is that it is difficult to figure out if the person would share your interests.

At Actigage, we are always looking at ways to use technology to serve as an ice breaker to enable attendees to connect online so that they can get to know each other and then meet at the event in person as there is nothing better than face to face meetings. 84% of professionals say they build stronger and more meaningful relationships during in-person meetings.

So earlier this year we introduced the Messaging feature, as people are more comfortable to sending invites and chatting on apps rather than introducing themselves face to face. Event organizers tell us that they have seen a lot more networking and higher customer satisfaction when they have enabled Messaging in the Event app.


Learn how the Messaging feature works, and how to add it your Event app.

Instant Ratings

As an event organizer, I am sure you spend a lot of effort and time in curating the programme for your events.

We are sure you request your attendees to fill post-event surveys to find out if the programme met their expectations. Some organizers also hand out paper survey forms at the end of the event. Unfortunately, these haven’t been very effective and have seen very low response rates The other issue is that with multi-day events it is difficult for an attendee to remember the reason why they liked or didn’t like the session on day 1.

We have addressed this problem with the Instant Ratings feature. It allows attendees to give feedback for a session or a speaker immediately after the session starts so event organizers can get invaluable feedback to help them improve their future events. You can also provide options to get more detailed feedback after your audience has rated the session or speaker.

You can ask your Emcee to prompt users to rate the sessions or speakers before and after a session. Those affected by the survey fatigue will readily give feedback by rating the sessions and speakers.


Learn how Instant Ratings work, and how to set it up.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications has been one of the most popular features for event organizers to interact and engage with the audience. Push Notifications allow organizers to communicate in real-time by sending important and timely updates to attendees. While email is a good medium to communicate with attendees before the event, notifications are the best way to communicate with an attendee when they are at the event or when you want them to take action like fill a survey or prompt them to head back to the sessions after a heavy lunch.


You can send push notifications using Actigage’s simple and intuitive Content Management System.

Learn how to schedule push notifications using Actigage Event App builder.

1:1 Meetings (Coming Soon)

Messaging is an informal way for people to get to know each other. If you are looking for a formal way for attendees to meet then the Meetings feature which we just launched is just the feature you’re looking for. No matter which industry you represent, one-to-one meetings are a powerful marketing tool.

The Meetings feature not only provides an easy way to find attendees that match your interest, it also allows you to select the available time slot, and send a targeted message to your fellow attendee. In the next phase, we plan to add support for ratings, so attendees can also rate their meetings.

You can add attendees by using our easy and intuitive Content Management System.

As you can see the Messaging feature is integrated within the Meetings feature to make it easier and more intuitive for attendees who have scheduled meetings to interact and coordinate with each other before the meeting.


These are the features which can help increase attendee engagement with Actigage Event Apps, and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you've any questions about these features.

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