The Photo Gallery feature allows you to share photos taken at the event with your event attendees. The events attendees will also be able to download the photos or share them via various channels such as email and messaging apps.

For an overview of the Photo Gallery module, please view the video below:

To add the Photo Gallery feature, you would first have to add the module at the Layout tab. When adding a new feature, select the Photo Gallery feature.

Once the Photo Gallery feature has been added, you may begin uploading photos at the Content tab.

You may use the drag and drop feature to either upload photos individually or do a bulk upload.  There is a maximum of up to 30 photos for each bulk upload, however there is no limit to the total number of photos you may have in the event app.

When uploading the photos, you may select the album you would like to upload the photos to.  To add the Photo Album name, you may do so at the Categories section of the Setup tab.

After the photos have been uploaded, you may edit each photo and add a caption if necessary.  The maximum length of the caption is 100 characters.

You may view the photos in the event app once you have uploaded them.  Below is an example of the Photo Gallery in the event app.

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