The Actigage Leads app allows Exhibitor or Sponsor representatives to scan the QR code on either an attendee's event app or an attendee's printed name badge.  By doing so, Exhibitors or Sponsors will be able to keep track of and identify the event attendees who visited their booths.

The Lead Retrieval module will help Exhibitors or Sponsors to understand the ROI from an event, and will also provide them with the option to contact the event attendees after the event has ended.

To get started, download the Actigage Leads app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have download the Actigage Leads app, you may being scanning attendees once you have set up your account.

  1. Enter the Event Code.

2. Fill in your email address.

3. Enter your desired password, and thereafter the verification code sent to your email address.

4. You may now begin capturing leads.  To capture a lead, you may either scan an attendee's QR code, or enter their ticket ID manually.

5. Once you have scanned the event attendee's QR code or entered their ticket ID, you will be able to edit the lead, rate the lead quality and add notes.

6. You may view all the leads you have scanned in the Actigage Leads app.

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